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Finally Expert Personal Training and Nutrition that comes to YOU!

We are Train Learn Go, an industry leading mobile personal training and nutritional consultancy company who specialise in weight loss. Our expert personal trainers in Bolton help their clients lose weight, get fit and best of all form a solid understanding of what REAL nutrition is all about.

Train Learn Go Bolton, does things a little differently. As a personal trainers you may expect us to meet you at the gym, spend an hour shouting at you and a group of other people, all to a backing track of pounding techno intertwined with what’s hot in hip hop right now, then see you again in a week or two on an ongoing basis, time and time again.

However this couldn’t be further from reality. Our whole focus is around you, and you alone. There is no one size fits all for fitness goals and weight loss, so why would you want to join a group of other people al doing exactly the same thing?

Our service delivers quick, efficient and dynamic workouts that you can do once, twice or three times a week without several hours being wasted every day travelling to the gym, grinding away on the elliptical machine or throwing some weights around, then travelling all the way home again, getting absolutely nowhere.
If you were to add all of this time together, would you be happy with he results you have had for this investment in time?

We understand that you are busy, life gets in the way, perhaps you have a full on job, children or you may travel a lot without any access to a gym. Everybody has priorities and sometimes it’s your health and wellbeing that suffers.

The Train Learn Go system has been developed so that even a full-time working Mother that can only spare 45 minutes a week can achieve fantastic results. There really are no excuses to succeed now.

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How can what Train Learn Go does be different?

Thats a good question, simply put we understand the human body and the processes which allow truly amazing transformative results to happen. Nutrition underpins everything we do and without getting it right it’s incredibly hard work to get anywhere, so we make it easy for you.

If you are reading this now and think, I don’t need help with my nutrition, I read all of the articles in such and such magazine and their fitness “guru” says something along the lines of “cut the carbs”, “eat only protein” or “try our juice diet”, then you could be very wrong indeed.

It’s not what anybody wants to hear, but sorry, the fitness industry has been lying to you.
Following the workout programs that the sports and film stars put in glossy magazines just won’t make you look like them. All the supplements in the world won’t make more than a fraction of a percent difference in either performance or aesthetics and worst of all almost everything you have heard, read or been told is designed purely to do one thing… make money!

If you have any aspirations to be amazing and get in the shape of your life easier, quicker and in a sustainable way that you can continue with in the future without piling the weight back on then please give drop us a message to arrange a FREE consultation now. One of our expert trainers will come over and speak to you about your goals, and how what we can do to help you not only meet them, but surpass them!

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