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What foods will make me fat?

what foods will make me fat

Good question we are glad you asked. The short answer would be absolutely any food which contains any quantity of calories has the potential to make you gain body fat.


This is simply because after we put a lot of science aside the only thing in the world that makes anyone fatter or thinner is a calorie (see section 'what is a calorie').


The basic rule of thumb is if you eat to many of these you will increase your body fat and if you eat slightly to little you will decrease your body fat however the nutrients that you choose to derive these calories from play a big part in the actions taken by your body and the outcome that it will have on your body.


There are lots of fad diets that will produce great results on the scales (see section low carb diets) but what exactly are we weighing when we stand on a set of weighing scales? If your body was comprised of 100% fat then this would be a great method to use but as we are made of so many different parts many of which are variable this makes the weighing scales the least conclusive and least comprehensive method of measuring your diet success.


Another way would be to measure your Body Mass Index (see section what is BMI) but this is also fundamentally flawed. When trying to get thinner or reduce your body fat we really only want to be measuring how much body fat has gone each time rather than measuring lots of different bits and pieces at the same time, any of them could change at any given time.


For example if you were to gain 3lb of muscle glycogen (see section what are carbohydrates) and reduce 3lb of body fat then you would most likely be disappointed as the scales would say that nothing had happened where as in actual fact you have just got a text book perfect result as you are 3lb of body fat leaner and your lean mass has increased.


The way Train Learn Go measures body fat is using a pair of body fat calipers to gain a precise measurement of how much body fat is contained on your body.


By measuring this we can determine whether you have been successful or unsuccessful in your quest to reduce your body fat.

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